“Education is the mother of leadership” – Wendell L Willkie

Brilliant School is a fully equipped institution with all infrastructure facilities. The prolonged journey from 1991 with tribulations and struggles has paved the way for the fruits of triumph and success. I have grown with a brilliant family professionally, intellectually, and emotionally with the support of management, parents, teachers, and all staff members.

A faculty of experienced and dedicated teachers provides vast prospects for students to excel in scholastic and co-scholastic areas. Technological improvement in education necessitated modernization of classrooms with umpteen facilities and eventually brilliant has bloomed into a glorious centre for education.

We believe in the potentialities of students and the training given to students is geared toward taking schools to community and community to schools where learning jointly and living concurrently are accomplished.

We have miles to go and the efforts we make may help us to conquer incredible heights to be written in golden letters as the most successful institution.

 I wish everyone all success.