Welcome to The Brilliant School

Brilliant School (Recognized by the Government of Karnataka) was established in the year 1991 at Kundalahalli, Bangalore, with an aim of creating a vibrant educational institution that fosters the holistic development of every child in its wings! Our students are trained to face the growing global challenges together with the ancient values of our rich tradition to strike a perfect balance.

The school through its full fledged educational system is striving to achieve all round excellence by giving an opportunity to the students to excel in academics, sports and co-curricular activities with joy, enthusiasm, interest, sensitivity and awareness during the process of learning.

Every child is endowed with unique capabilities and vast potentials which have to be groomed in a child-friendly learning atmosphere, so that he/she blossoms into a masterpiece of creation. When young minds are molded and their character is formed, a nation is built. To achieve this great mission of nation building, every teacher in Brilliant School is a facilitator and a friend-philosopher-guide to children. An ideal teacher-student ratio and an innovative approach to education inculcate the core values of our rich heritage at a young age so that emotional, social, moral, spiritual and mental discipline becomes a way of life for every student at this unique center for learning.

The Brilliant School provides a secure, stimulating and supportive environment for children where learning takes place and creative expression is encouraged. The main aim is to strengthen self-confidence, to develop a happy and positive learning attitude.

Let’s not forget that the nation is always built by disciplined, cultured, devoted and educated men with full faith in self and the nation. The faith and discipline can be best imbibed in the children at tender ages and will compel them to concentrate on character building and develop a sense of cross cultural tolerance, co-operation and harmony.

·         Salient Features:


Smart Classroom System where learning is supplemented by impressive animated lessons, video, audio and games.


Highly qualified, dedicated and inspiring faculty with right skills and positive attitude. They are also specially trained by Pearson to give their best.


CCTV cameras in classrooms as well as corridors to act as an education guardian.


Transportation facility equipped with GPRS is available for pick up and drop.


Well stacked library to fulfill every student’s thirst of knowledge.


Separate studios for Music, Dance, Yoga.


Fully equipped, spacious Computer and Science labs.


Associated with Taekwondo(WTF) and making sure our students reach National level each year.


  • Wide range of toys and educational teaching aids for Kinder Garden Kids.


Lift facility available for differently abled Fostering holistic educational experience through a wide range of extra-curricular activities, sports and educational tours.